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Activities you can do

Title: Day walks of the central North Island
Author: Sonja Frimmel
Year of publication: 2004
Publisher: Reed, Auckland
Publishing details: 102 pp.
ISBN: 0 7900 09749
Comments: Has detailed access notes and travelling times of 64 of the best North Island day walks.

Title: The Lord of the Rings location guidebook: Extended Edition
Author: Ian Brodie
Year of Publication: 2005
Publisher: Harper Collins, Auckland.
Publishing details: 176pp.
ISBN: 1869505301
Comments: Larger format edition of his popular location guidebook includes new information, photographs, extra images from all three films in the trilogy and extended entries from cast and crew.

Title: Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides 6th Edition
Authors: Jonathan, Simon and Paul Kennett
Year of Publication: 2005
Publisher: The Kennett Bros, Wellington.
ISBN: 0-9582673-0-8
Comments: Covers 350 rides, with 70 new tracks and comes with elevation charts throughout.

Title: Tongariro, a guide for climbers and ski-mountaineers
Authors: Richard Thomson
Year of Publication: 2006
Publisher: New Zealand Alpine Club Publications
Comments: Detailed guide to alpine routes and technical ice climbs on Mt Ruapehu. Features images from some of New Zealand’s top outdoor photographers, topographical maps and photo-topos show the routes in detail.

Natural History

Title: Roots of Fire: A guide to the plant ecology of Tongariro National Park
Author: Isobel Gabites.
Year of publication: 1986
Publisher: Tongariro Natural History Society.
Publishing details: 1Reprint.

Title:Volcanoes of the South Wind: A field guide to the volacanoes and landscape of Tongariro National Park
Author: Karen Williams
Year of Publication: 1985
Publisher: Tongariro Natural History Society.
Publishing details: Second Edition: 1989.
ISBN: 0-473-00507-7

Title:Volcanoes of Tongariro Natural Park: A New Zealand geological survey handbook
Author: D.R. Gregg
Year of Publication: 1960
Publisher:NZ DSIR, Information Series No. 28
Publishing details: 82 pp.

Title: The Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. Its topography, geology, alpine and volcanic features, history and Maori folk-lore
Author: James Cowan
Year of Publication: 1927
Publisher: Tongariro Natural History Society
Comments: Might be hard to find.

Title: Memories of a mountain and a river
Author: William Mead
Year of Publication: 1979
Publisher: Wanganui Newspapers Ltd, Wanganui
Publishing details: 79 pp.
Comments: This was the first person to import and use skis in New Zealand, and after whom 'Meads Wall' at Iwikau is named. Might be hard to find.

Social History

Title: Raurimu: Frontier Town 1900-1925: A social archaelogical perspective
Author: Kate Hill
Year of Publication: 2000
Publisher: Research in Anthropology and Linguistics, 3. Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland.
Publishing details: 85pp.
ISBN: 0 9583686 2 7
Comments: Might be hard to find.